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Public Notice

Click below for 2021 Town Election Results



Click below for Town Elections Absentee Ballot

Town Elections Absentee Ballot002

Invitation to view lighted flagpole 

proposed in Article #15 of the 2021   Town Warrant

Please call John Bunce at 847-9037

for appointment for an operational viewing or to view after dark.

Click below for notice for the Supervisors of the Checklist

NotificationofChecklistSessions copy

Click below for Town Office COVID-19 Protocols:

Town Office Covid-19 Protocols001

Town Office Opening on May 10, 2021 with Limited Access

Masks must be worn at all times

1 Person will be served at inner office at a time and

1 Person at a time will be allowed to wait in the entry room

All others must wait outside until entry room is clear


For Burn Permit instructions visit the Fire Department page on this site

Click below for Selectmen’s letter and position regarding public access via Homestead Lane:

Letter Addressing Concern over access to Partridge Woods

2021 is the Assessing Update year for Nelson –  Click below for information regarding the process and frequently asked questions:

Nelson public info regarding reval assessing update 2021

Frequently Asked Questions Nelson

2020 Town Reports are available at the Town Office or at the Library
Please call ahead for pick up.

           Notice of action taken in response to testing of water violation  Click below for notice and test results:

Action Taken on Notice of Violation001

Due to continued concerns over COVID-19, the Annual Town Meeting will not be held in March, but be held as follows:

Tuesday July 13, 2021 Voting for Elections of Officers and Ballot Questions   Polls will open at 11:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM   Voting will take place in the Nelson Town Hall

The Business meeting will be held on Saturday July 17, 2021 at 10:00 AM on the Nelson Town Common under a tent.

Annual Caucus to discuss the Budget will be held on Saturday June 12, 2021 at 10:00 AM on the Nelson Town Common


Click below for 2021 Town Warrant, Town Ballot and Village District Warrant


Town ballot 2021

2021 Warrant signed001

Warrant for Village District budget meeting 2021

Click below for a message from the Town Clerk regarding hours of business:




2021 Elections – Listing of Open Town Positions  (click below)

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Annual Road Posting

Pursuant to RSA 231:191, no motor vehicle Having a gross weight of six (6) tons or greater shall operate on Town maintained roads Between March 15th and May 15 of 2021.  Exceptions may be granted by the Road Agent.  Violators will be subject to a fine of $500.00.  Per order of the Nelson Board of Selectmen.


Partridge Woods Seasonal Parking Closure Notice

click below for details

Parking Area at Partridge Woods Closure Notice



Cyanobacteria Alert in Nelson

Click below for details

Cyanobacteria Alert in Nubanusit Lake001

** 2020 General Election Results for Nelson, NH**

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2020 General Election Results – Nelson NH





Click below for Community Update:

Select Board Report COVID-19 Community Update




Click below for Notice on use of Public Lands and spaces

PUBLIC NOTICE Use of Public Lands


3/30/2020  Urgent Notice  

Request for Self-Quarantine of all Visitors and Part-Time Residents arriving from Out of State

click below  to view Self-Quarantine request and Governor’s Emergency Order:

Request for Self Quarantine 3-30-2020–

Governor’s emergency-order-17-1


Public Interest Note:  click below for information on Grocery Services offered by the Harrisville Store

Grocery ordering available from Harrisville General Store

3/16/2020 Update From the Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Until further notice, we are asking all residents to conduct business via mail or in the drop box located at the front of the Town Office.  Any registration renewals, dog licenses, and taxes will be processed and returned to you by mail.  If you do not have your renewal notice that was sent in the mail, please email Karen Castelli at or call 847-9043 detailing the information you need along with a phone number to contact you.  If you have a new vehicle to be registered please email Karen Castelli at and include a phone number to contact you to discuss the process for your new transaction.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.  It is our goal to continue to provide the necessary services you require while doing our best to keep everyone safe during these uncertain times.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Karen Castelli, Town Clerk/Tax Collector


Avitar Work Protocol Given the COVID-19 Pandemic


In light of the Governor’s announcement regarding the State of Emergency and School closures, we have felt the need to be proactive and safe.  Given the contracts we have in place, we still need to work and keep on schedule as much as possible.  Our field staff are still out in the field working, however, they have been advised not to enter properties for interior inspections.  They will still visit, knock, step back and gather information from the taxpayers at the door and continue on with any exterior work needed.  This is in line with the CDC recommendations regarding avoidance of close contact.  If taxpayers are sick, they should be advised not to open the door at all.  We will be sending letters at a later date to complete interior inspections where needed.  The safety of our staff and all taxpayers is one of our top concerns and we will work diligently to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.  We recognize that we may encounter children home alone or with their parents and want to get the word out regarding our protocol.  If this pandemic continues, this may alter how we handle the informal hearing process for those towns with updates/revaluations this year, as well.  We will post updates as they occur on our website and send further notification if and when things change.

Loren Martin       Director, Assessing Operations



Click Below for details of 2020 Ballot, Warrant and MS-636

2020 ballot

2020 Signed Warrant

2020 Signed MS-363


Click Below for details of Public Hearing

Public Notice Grader-Solar Project


Happy New Year!

Click Below for listing of Open Positions for Town Elections:



URGENT REMINDER TO DOG OWNERS:  per NH law, all dogs must be licensed annually by April 30th.   Please come to the Town Office to license them.  A current rabies certificate is required.  The licensing fees range from $2.00 for the first dog of a senior owner to $9.00 for a dog that is not spayed or neutered.

Karen Castelli, Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Approval From FEMA

click below

Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Approval


Town Meeting Elections

Tuesday March 10, 2020

11:00 AM to 7:00 PM  Nelson Town Hall

Click below for pages 1 and 2 of Request for Absentee Ballot

Town Absentee Ballot Request pg1

Town Absentee Ballot request page 2


Winter Parking Regulations

Starting November 1, 2019 through April 15, 2021 any vehicle parked on any Class V roadway or any Town Right-of-way in the Town of Nelson, NH during snow and ice removal operations will be towed.  Vehicle owners will be responsible for all resulting towing and storage charges.   


250th Celebration of Nelson

A Sense of Place


Click Below to view schedule of events

250th Celebration



 Helpful website for Senior citizens and their families:

Election Information


Please be advised that a number of residents have received Scam telephone calls.  Callers are identifying themselves as representatives of the IRS.    In recent weeks other callers have identified themselves as Eversourse representatives.  All  have demanded money.   THESE ARE SCAMS!  Hang up and alert your police department.   Click to see more info from the Nelson Police Department   scam-alert

Watch video for visually impaired voters –
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Nelson Zoning Ordinances    

Located below in View and Print section                                                                                

April 19, 2016 The Town Wide “Reval” began with a Public Meeting and presentations from NH DRA and Avitar Associates outlining the process to be completed by the end of 2016.

DRA-Assessment Meeting to Begin 2016 Reval

            Notice for Nelson Dog Owners

                                  NOTICE FOR NELSON DOG OWNERS (2)

Nelson’s Historic Ballot Box

9/13/2016       state-primary-results-1

Historic Ballot Box in Nelson    




Please review the  New Terms for Town Hall Rental

See Contract Below

Special Recognition

***On May 12, 2015 the Town of Nelson proudly received the 2015 Preservation Merit Award for Revitalization of the Nelson Town Hall.  This award was presented by the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance at their Annual Preservation Achievement Awards ceremony held in Concord. The NH Preservation Alliance also recognized the following project partners:      Richard Monahon,Architect, Paul Hemmerich, Architect, Ingram Construction Corp., John Waitt Design & Drafting LLC, Trexler Engineering, and Monadnock Folklore Society.                                                                                    Representing the Town at the ceremony: David Upton, Chair of the Select Board, Edie Drinkwater, Administrative Assistant, Russell Thomas, Project Clerk of the Works, Sandy MacKenzie, Chair, Fund Raising Committee, Bert Wingerson, Town Archivist, and Accepting the award, Lisa Sieverts, Town Buildings Committee Recording Secretary.                                                                                                                           Check out the News and Events at :                                                                                                                                       

View and Print:

Building Permit Application Form

Parade Form and Waiver of Liability 


2017 Amended Zoning Ordinances

Planning Board Policy Book

The Town Offices are located in the Old Brick Schoolhouse, in the center of the Village. This was active as a school until 1946. It has been retrofitted to accommodate the modern day needs of small town government, but still holds considerable charm within. The Selectmen, Town Clerk, and Town Administrator all conduct their business here, as do other town boards unless a public hearing requires the larger space of the Town Hall next door.

Please click on the appropriate links to the right for more information about individual town boards.

IMG_0351Edie Drinkwater is the town’s executive administrative assistant. She can answer any questions you might have about how the town office works, and she can provide information about building permits, and other items requiring town interaction or approval.

Town of Nelson Tax Maps

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Nelson NH 2021


NELSON base-Map 001                  NELSON base-Map 002                 NELSON base-Map 002 (2)               NELSON base-Map 003                  NELSON base-Map 003 (2)              NELSON base-Map 004                NELSON base-Map 005                    NELSON base-Map 005 (2)                NELSON base-Map 006           NELSON base-Map 007                   NELSON base-Map 008                NELSON base-Map 009                     NELSON base-Map 109                    NELSON base-Map 209