Selectmen’s Informational Forum – Consideration of a Full-Time Police Chief

Event Details

The Select Board is considering the addition of a full-time police chief position to the budget at our next Town Meeting.  This proposal is due to a number of factors.  We are holding a public forum on Tuesday, November 28th at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall.  This will provide us the opportunity to describe our reasoning, provide information regarding changes to the budget that this would necessitate and most importantly enable residents to ask questions.  It will also provide us the ability to gage the reaction to this proposal and whether or not it is worth pursuing.  It is important for residents to attend.  It is a chance to gain knowledge regarding issues we face filling part-time police positions and to gain a clearer understanding of the challenges that have pushed us in this direction.  The issues are somewhat complex and changes to the budget significant.  Please do your best to attend.  We need to hear your reactions and you need to hear our reasons for this proposal.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The Nelson Select Board